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Discover a selection of quality Quebec and international films. Several of our films have won numerous national and international awards. What is your favorite genre of feature films and fictions? Animated, drama, comedy, docufiction, storytelling show, family, Quebec film? We have something for everyone! We also offer you a nice selection of documentaries. These provide reflection on various contemporary issues: environment, women’s rights, society, social inclusion, etc. Here are cinema suggestions, film ideas, safe bets!

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Our films are available on video on demand and in digital format. Laugh, think, shiver, cry, experience all ranges of emotions! Encourage a 100% Quebec independent film distribution company. Get ready to have a great time!


Cinema is the reflection of our vision of the world, of our uniqueness, of our sensitivities and of our diversity.

We believe that films have everything to reach and please a variety of audiences. Our mission in a few sentences: Focus on films and authors who have daring and offer rich works; Offer committed films that are great pedagogical tools to raise viewers’ awareness on contemporary issues (environment, women’s rights, social equality, etc.); Showcase Quebec talent within Canada and internationally; Show films elsewhere in Canada; Create a bridge between filmmakers from all over the world and the public; Build and become the crossroads of a community of cinema enthusiasts that crosses borders; Share the achievements and expertise of our team and partners everywhere.

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