Dans les médias

A film by

Robert Morin



A wounded moose escapes its hunters, later dying deep in the forest and becoming… a communal feast. As the seasons go by, mammals, birds and insects invite themselves to the banquet – multiplying ensuing games, rituals and conflicts. In exploring and occasionally foiling nature’s wildlife codes, our story becomes a simple yet poignant reflection on death, on its natural place in this world and, by extension, on its deeper meaning and purpose – important lessons to explore at this time when the glorious paradises offered by religions tend to feel less and less credible.


Director – Robert Morin

Writer – Robert Morin

Cinematography – Thomas Leblanc Murray

Artistic Design – André-Line Beauparlant

Film Editing – Elric Robichon

Visual Effects – Patrick Boivin

Sound Design – Martin Pinsonnault

Production – Stéphane Tanguay, Cédric Bourdeau, and Louis Laverdière



Merci à nos partenaires