Dans les médias

A film directed by

François Péloquin

Writer and director


Louise Denoncourt, a parole officer unlike any other, deftly operates an experimental rehabilitation wing for murderers. A new inmate in her care is suspected of killing her mother. Riddled with doubt, Louise embarks on a mission that quickly goes beyond her. How far will she go to prevent him from killing again?


Christine Beaulieu

Lothaire Bluteau

Marc Béland

Étienne Lou

Pierre-Paul Alain

Jean-Luc Kanapé

Abdelghafour Elaaziz

Ayana O’Shun


Director – François Péloquin

Writers – Sarah Lévesque & François Péloquin

Producer – Ziad Touma

Director of Photography – François Messier-Rheault

Art Director –  Marie-Pier Fortier

Costumes – Ingrid Cadieux

Makeup – Djina Caron

Hair – Vincent Duffault

Sound – Stéphane Houle, Frédéric Cloutier, Clovis Gouaillier

Editing – Carina Baccanale

Original Music –  Mathieu Charbonneau

Production Management – Yanick Savard, Claudette Poulin

 Post-Production Supervisor – Erik Daniel



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