PHI 1.618 explores a dystopian future where science conquers death, and a nation of bio-titans, a breed of asexual, immortal men, has been created. The female sex and procreation have become obsolete. As the Earth turns toxic, the bio-titans are eager to colonize the cosmos on board a colossal spaceship, The Spinning Top, taking with them only one female body kept barely alive.


Production Orlin Ruevski & Vladislav Todorov

Film Director Theodore Ushev

Executive producer Rosen Ignatov

Co-production Canada Theodore Ushev & Vladislav Todorov

Co-production Bulgaria Zdravko Shalichev

Associated producer Alexander Kenanov

Creative producer Orlin Ruevski

Scriptwriter Vladislav Todorov

Director of Photography Emil Christov

Production designer Sabina Christova

Costume Velika Prahova

Casting Theodore Ushev

Editing Victoria Radoslavova

Music Nikola Gruev-Kottarashky

Sound design Olivier Calvert

Calibration Steven Mercier