Dans les médias

A film by

Paul-Claude Demers

Director, narrator, and screenwriter


To make up for the absence of his seven-year-old daughter who lives in Berlin, a Montreal filmmaker keeps a film diary that conjures up his relationship with his adoptive father and his biological father, whom he never knew. His film diary also becomes a reflection on filmmaking by revisiting the work of directors who have influenced him, such as Ingmar Bergman and Wim Wenders. DIARY OF A FATHER is a poetic response to help make the separation between a father and his daughter bearable.


Screenplay, narration, and direction – Paul-Claude Demers

Cinematography – Olivier Tétreault

Additional cinematography – Paul-Claude Demers and François Messier-Rheault

Editing – Natalie Lamoureux

Sound design – Patrice LeBlanc

Original music – Sei Nakauchi Pelletier

Mixing – Luc Boudrias

A film produced by – Paul-Claude Demers



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